There comes a time that we take a different path pt 6

So today is ending the third week of me working behind the desk. I am enjoying the day shift immensely and will potentially stay on day shift. Who knows but whatever shift I am sure that I am going to continue loving what I am doing ^.^

My skills are improving and I’m getting to know who is who around the place pretty well even though I’m not always on shift with some people J

It’s a quiet day again today but not due to the weather more so that there aren’t many people in or available ladies… it’s an interesting day



  • Figured out how to get to and from work on time
  • Day shift may become permanent


  • Could use a few more shifts
  • Still not a fan of twitter and don’t know how effective it is for marketing
  • Quiet day today

There comes a time that we take a different path pt 5

So far this week has been good. Although it has been slow paced in comparison to yesterday it’s been a steady flow of work.

I met two W/L that has returned to work. It’s getting easier now I know who most of the W/L are by name. The clients have mostly been new faces which is good because that means that more are hearing about us J


Highlights :

  • Meeting new W/L (well new to me)
  • Gaining more control over the systems and what I do… Mastering them
  • Relaxed dress code when early week


  • Too many people trying to teach me their individual methods and causing confusion
  • Contemplating buying a chair for work… backless stools are messing with my posture 

There comes a time that we take a different path pt 4

So this is the third week behind the desk now. There’s been a lot of coming and goings with clients and Ladies. System updates, a few new lessons for myself as well as the change of pace and flow depending on the day behind the desk.

I’ve settled in quite well and enjoying the pace of the day shift while I’m on it. In the long run the night shift will be where I end up. An entirely different world in comparison to the day. But I’m looking forward to the change of pace and change in atmosphere.


  • Started this blog
  • Getting things done quicker with no mistakes


  • The crude people when arriving and leaving work
  • Struggling to stay on task (I get distracted easily)

There comes a time that we take a different path pt 3

Today has been a rainy day, Thunderstorm Thursday. The storm has rocked the very foundations of the house, caused static and tech glitches. Due to the rain it has also been quiet, not too many clients today.

It’s a lot harder to stay focused on the quieter days as the face to face interaction dies down and it’s operator/machine time mostly… and for me I struggle a little staring at a screen for hours on end. I enjoy updating the forums but there’s only so much that can be done to promote. Then it becomes mindless babble and conversations that people seem to like to turn into an entirely irrelevant topic which I find a little frustrating.

Thankfully the music at work has changed, and a few of the new songs are more to my taste… and I can get away with listening to them through day shift. Now for the system to be updated so I can select and listen to them whenever throughout the day…. Still something I need to learn.

Today’s Highlights:

  • Met another of the receptionists
  • The forum is now second nature to update

The Lowlights:

  • The weather has somehow cockblocked us
  • Lack of clients makes for a slow day
  • Still have to use twitter…. Which I don’t think I will ever enjoy doing :/ but I do it anyway because I have to.

There comes a time that we take a different path pt 2

So today is a new day. Working the day shift (12pm-8pm). Long story short I’m struggling a little with the switch overs from nights to days then nights again.

This blog is something I’ve been delegated to keep myself occupied on orders of Madame S. I’m not normally a blog writer, I’ve tried them before for various reasons but I guess I tend to get bored or busy with something else and don’t stick it through.

The last few weeks have been testing but I’m happy to report that I have stuck it out and plan to be here for as long as I’m needed… behind the counter of course.

My partner is aware of my work place, He is quite understanding and was a little shocked at first but since the reassurance of my stance on remaining a receptionist He has been nothing but supportive.

The days tend to be a lot quieter which I guess I like to a degree because I’m stationed at front reception and get to handle client interaction. I prefer the night shift for the busy pace but I guess I don’t enjoy the overly bright lights and small room that I get stationed in for the evening. I think at times I get a bit restless or claustrophobic… who knows perhaps the lights are too bright or the numbers are overwhelming. Nothing is a definite bad thing, more so hurdles that need to be overcome.

I don’t mind updating the forum, twitter not so much. I just question how reliable twitter is for advertising as most clients go through our own site rather than social media such as facebook and twitter. The Long Term clients more so than the new flow.

Today was interesting enough. Getting into work to be taken from behind the counter and moved around for the photographer who is constructing a 3D digital walk through for our website. It was fun, just something entirely out of the ordinary. So who knows my somewhat exhausted self may just be on the company website. We shall see.

There comes a time that we take a different path pt 1

For all intents and purposes I’m going by the name Zaida (Zay-Dah). For the last 2 weeks (now approaching the third) I have been a receptionist at an establishment full of incredible women.

My background when it comes to the sexy industry is far from inexperienced. I’ve been a sugar baby before, a companion of sorts I suppose meeting my benefactor’s needs or whims in return for supplementing my income.

There was a time that I was a Mistress, a Dominatrix and had regular clients that required certain services that I was able to provide.

Also with the BDSM community being a large part of my life outside of work I’ve seen a lot, spoken to a wonderful variety of people and interacted with some.

I think the first week was probably the easiest. There was a lot to learn: faces, names, rates, the rooms, and where things were kept. Thankfully I was put on day shift so that I had time to adjust, learn the basics before being hurtled into the deep end of night shifts.

  • The hardest part at that point was the split seconds I had to remember the face of a W/L and match her name in the split second I met her before she was off with a client.
  • The highlights were the ability to learn the forums and how the business goes about promotion and advertising.

I’ve just finished my second week behind the counter with 3 days of night shift. This was an entirely different experience. I handled call outs and other methods of data entry and what not. Don’t get me wrong I quite like the hours and the way that it was busy but there was a lot to learn on the job. I learn better that way but it was a tad overwhelming at first.

  • The hardest part with night shift was keeping track of who was where, how long for and making sure the data entries were correct as well as adjusting from day shift to night shift.
  • The highlight was that i learnt a lot, there was more for me to do, I was kept busy and the time flew.

There’s a bet running amongst the girls that I’ll be out on the floor soon enough. I laugh and enjoy the jest but it’s something that I don’t look at considering. I really enjoy being behind the desk, I like interacting with the clients and watching the coming and goings of the array of people who grace the house with their time.

History of Condoms

Condoms_html_13f3a415It goes back several centuries and maybe even further. For most of their history condoms have been used as a birth control method and a measurement of protection against STI’s. They have been made from a variety of materials.
Prior to the 19th century the most proven way was animal tissue usually of the intestine or bladder.

Rubber condoms gained popularity in the mid-19th century and in the early 20th century major advances were made in manufacturing techniques. Before the introduction of the pill condoms were the most popular method of birth control in the western world. read more… “History of Condoms”

Victorian Escorts Photos

Because of the restriction in Victoria, the law states that you can only use head and shoulder images of people. We have developed some interesting new artwork techniques to give you privacy.
Please call Lisa ( on 0487 907 779, if you would like help with your image profiles.

Here are some examples of Victorian Profile thumbnails.


First Langtrees Suite Installed

This new furniture feels so nice!


It is nice and comfortable, perfect for having a good time on or just relaxing. The discrete handles are nice and sturdy and the whole suite just looks fabulous.

We have several rooms’ worth of furniture to get installed and we keep distracting the poor boys who are fitting it. We really should let them get on with the job, so that we can put these beds to use! Loving what we’ve got so far, we’ll add more photos of the rooms as they are ready.