3 ways to make the missionary sex position more exciting

The missionary position gets a lot of flack for being too “boring” and “traditional”. While we do recommend pushing your sexual boundaries with different fantasies and even sex toys, don’t take the missionary move out of your arsenal. A few tweaks can make it extra hot!

The standing ovation

Ask your private escort to lie on her back with her hips just at the edge of the bed. Stand before her, anchor her legs on your shoulders. Her tips will be angled for incredible cervical and vaginal stimulation. Make shallow thrusts to stimulate her G-spot, or go deep.

Want to make this extra exciting and hot? Do it on a kitchen counter, or a table top. Something about pushing all the papers aside and scrambling to get close to each other on the nearest surface makes the sex more intense. You just have to have each other right now, right here!

Closer contact

Start with the missionary position, then push her legs together and sandwich them between yours. Shift your weight so that your erection stimulates her clitoris each time you move against her. She’ll get clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time — who wouldn’t love that?

Bare the scepter

Before you penetrate her, form a ring with your thumb and forefinger and then pull down the skin on the shaft. With more nerve endings exposed, your penis will be more sensitive. This will help you maintain your erection longer.