5 new foreplay moves that will make her beg for more

“Kiss, grope, head down under.” If you’re stuck in that three-step foreplay routine, then try these moves to add more spice to your sex life.

1. Make out on the couch

Remember the kissathons and dry humping sessions from high school? As awkward as that may have been, they were hot. There was just something about seeing how long you could wait until you get her clothes off and stumble into the bedroom — and the added tension that your parents could walk in any minute.

So pretend you were able to ask that high school cheerleader or sexy girl-next-door to “come over and watch Netflix” and very slowly move from holding hands, playful pecks to the dry writhing and mad scramble to the bed.

2. A little public PDA

While you may not be ready for full-on exhibitionism (although that’s an exciting fetish that some private escorts may be willing to indulge, if discussed ahead of time), nothing wrong with naughty and inappropriate touches snuck into your date. Lightly draw your hand down her thigh while you’re watching a movie. Press against her while you’re waiting for the elevator. But stop — it’s all about giving each other a taste of what lies ahead, and getting the dirty thoughts rolling.

3. Deep tongue kissing

Some private escorts offer DFK. The secret to an amazing French kiss? Build up to it. Don’t stick your tongue into her like a lizard. Start with little nibbles, then slowly deepen the kiss. Savor her. Biting is okay, but gently — more to add pressure. You’re making love to her mouth, not swallowing her like a steak or (eew) slobbering like a Labrador Retriever.

4. Necking

Women’s necks are more sensitive than men’s, and every one of them has a sweet spot. (You know you’ve hit it when she moans and melts into you.) Find that sweet spot and work it, work it, work it. Many times, it’s actually more accessible from the back.

Try this: when she’s got your back turned to you, very gently pull her towards you.
Deliberately push her hair away from her neck — let her know what you’re going to do, and wait for it — and slowly run your lips from her earlobe to her nape. Drink in her scent.
This is all very slow, like the way you’d swirl and smell a glass of very fine wine. Then do your magic. Just the lip, a bit of tongue, light or deep pressure, nibbles and a gentle suck. So many things you can do in that spot. You’re going to enjoy it as much as she does, and the fact that she feels how happy you are — in more ways than one — will make it even hotter for her.

5. Shower sex

It’s always a good idea to take a bath before you have sex because bad hygiene is such a universal turn off. But getting naked and slippery together? Takes the phrase “hot bath” to a whole new level.