5 reasons why booking an escort is better than Tinder

Let’s be honest: sometimes we just want to have a little sexy fun. We’re not ready for a long-term commitment, we’re not even sure if we want to see that lady next week. So we go to a bar — or, in this mobile world, a dating app. We look at pics and profiles. We flirt. We exchange numbers. We hook up.

But Tinder (and all its variations) is a dangerous playground, and in many ways, it’s better to just book a high-class escort. Here are 5 reasons.

Escorts are less likely to pass on an STD

Escorts go through regular testing and are very careful about practicing safe sex. Most will explicitly state in their escort profile that they do not want natural sex. They are also aware of the early physical signs of an STD and will refuse sex to someone who shows them. They are, after all, protecting not just their sex but their livelihood. Plus, safe sex practices are required in any licensed adult establishment like a brothel. The law demands it. Do you get that kind of vigilance and regulation from the women you meet on Tinder?

Escorts will protect your privacy and act discreetly

What if the woman you met on Tinder suddenly decided to call you up the next day, when you are with your girlfriend? Or posts that selfie you took together at the bar on her Facebook — and it just so happens you have common friends?
Private escorts won’t do that. Your secret’s safe.

You and your escort will have a very clear arrangement

You want a simple, sensual encounter with no strings attached and emotional drama. She is a professional who understands what you want and need and is clear about her fees and boundaries. The only thing that’s up for discussion is date and time, and you can sort that out very quickly. It’s straightforward. There’s no emotional drama.

Tinder hookups, on the other hand, can get messy. You’re unlikely to have that kind of honesty and direct communication with someone you just met, and most of the time you’ll have to go through the flirtation and innuendo and deciding whether or not to hook up… who has time for that?!

You can choose the kind of experience you want

You can’t really dictate the kind of date you want to someone you just met on Tinder. But with an escort, you can choose between a sweet GFE or a wild and uninhibited PSE, and even look for ladies who can cater to specific requests like light bondage, Greek, kinky costumes, threesomes. You have more control.
You can book escorts really easily

Just scroll through an extensive escort directory like Langtrees and you can find ladies, escort agencies, and brothels in every area of Australia. With Tinder, you have to “like” somebody and hope they “like” you back and even then you’re not sure if you have a date this Friday. With Langtrees, you always get lucky. In fact, it’s not even about luck — it’s just about arranging the booking, and you can have a love affair at any hour.