5 sex positions for deeper penetration

Penetration isn’t always about size. Instead of counting inches, try positions that will give you the best angle for a good thrust! Try these moves on your next date with your private escort.

1. Pillow talk

You can deepen penetration just by propping up your lady on pillows! Just place a pillow (or several blankets) below her lower back, angling her so you can hit all sorts of hot spots with each thrust. Who said missionary style was boring?

2. It’s a dog’s life

Nearly every article on sex positions will tell you that doggy style will give you deeper penetration. It’s an excellent move for men who are worried about having a small penis — we guarantee that she won’t be counting inches while she’s moaning with pleasure!

3. Lusty Legs

It’s a good thing many private escorts are flexible! Just ask her to place her leg on your shoulder. As you move into her, wrap your arms around her waist and pull her in even deeper.

4. Fly like a butterfly

Have your private escort scoot over to the edge of the bed. You can prop her hips up on pillows. Now stand on the floor, so you’re in between her feet. Prop her feet on your shoulders, lifting her hips. Go for the touchdown! This move is also great when you’re out of the bedroom — how sturdy is that coffee table, anyway?

5. Woman on top

This position lets your lady take control. She can lie on top of you, or sit on top of you, facing towards you or taking the famous Reverse Cowgirl where you get an amazing view of her arse!
You can play with this position. Instead of lying down, sit and lean against the wall or at the edge of the bed.