Asian Escorts – Taste of the Orient

Asian Escorts bring all the allure of exotic and erotic to the forefront with just one heavenly glance. These Ladies bring a vibrancy and hypnotic essence to their work with genuine warmth and passion for their clientele. For the clients, it is the visual treat of these ladies that are hard to dismiss, their body language, the way they smile and take you in with their eyes.

Escorts of the Orient, come from many countries in the east like; Singapore, Japan, Philippines, China, Korea and Vietnam to name a few, each bringing with them their own culture and heritage that makes them diverse and enticing in the Western environment as escorts. Your conversation will never be boring with one of these women as they are adapted to keeping you interested with their flirtations and intelligent spark! They pride themselves on being friendly, fun and entertaining. Always exuding a quiet contentment and sometimes cheeky and playful nature that leaves men feeling relaxed and at ease during the encounter.

Asian Escorts hold themselves to a high standard. Always manicured and well put together in the way they present themselves. It’s easy to see why they are so popular when so many of them are modelesque, with beautiful dark eyes, pert smiles, and porcelain-like skin. They ooze femininity and sensuality with ease and grace and are the perfect companion for any occasion, and easily adapt themselves to new situations and to the taste of their clients. Asian ladies are quite renowned for being petite figured, but very lady to lady. Some are busty and curvaceous with hourglass figures, and others have gorgeous legs that seem to never end! Whichever, they never seem to leave a string of disappointment when they’ve had you in their company.

Asian women that have traveled to Western countries seeking work as escorts may not or may have already worked in their home countries in a range of different avenues of sex work or escorting (non-sexual). The deep-seated cultural notion that Asian women are subservient to their men is a snug stereotype that still seems to create quite a stigma about the Asian working lady. But none the less, it is these carried over ingrained characteristics of being gentle and accommodating that has men going gaga for a taste of the Orient. Historical aspects of sex work in Asia are often reflected in the different types of services that Asian Escorts are willing to offer their clients; Sponge baths, Massages and Cos-play. These escorts are able to heighten the allure and depth of fantasy by helping the clients experience a little mystery and seduction different from the ‘everyday’, which adds to the reason the Western men seek out beauties from the Eastern Nations.

However much the cultural identity might have once been geared towards being the very picture of obedience and subservient to their male counterparts, rest assured that the working Asian escort is highly intelligent, motivated and free thinking. She embodies inner strength and confidence in all facets of her life and being. These ladies are self-empowered and highly motivated in their personal lives as well as their working professional life. All the while aiming to please and deliver the ultimate exotic experience for her clients. Asian Escorts are highly sought after wherever they travel and work, providing to die for experiences for all those to choose to chase their oriental desires.