Do you feel anxious during sex?

Sex is supposed to be fun, liberating, pleasurable. It shouldn’t feel like auditions for a TV talent show; complete with judges holding up scorecards and telling you whether you’ve got the “XXX factor!” However, a lot of men do feel they need to perform well in bed, and the anxiety gets in the way of the experience. Sometimes, it can even affect erection. Here are some ways to shake off the nerves and become more sexually confident!

Get the big perspective

Have you been under a lot of stress lately? General anxiety — about work, family troubles, body image, or your own self-esteem — and the massive amounts of stress hormones flooding your body can affect your sex drive and testosterone levels, your ability to “let go” in the bedroom. Sex feels like yet another area where you have to prove yourself. You may also be edgy and sensitive, and turn to alcohol to calm the nerves. (However, too much alcohol can make it hard to be, er, hard.)

Think of the bedroom — and your sex life — as your “no-pressure zone”. Booking an Australian private escort can help: you skip the anxiety and emotional complexities of dating, and can just focus on having as much as fun as you can during your time together.

Put yourself in The Zone

Sex therapists say that every activity starts with a warming up period where you prep the muscles and psych yourself for what lies ahead. Same thing goes for sex. While you get ready for your time with your private escort, think of something that relaxes you and makes you feel good about yourself. Play “feel good” music or wear a perfume that makes you feel extra sexy. And instead of thinking about doing well, think about having fun!

You may also want to arrange your booking with your private escort so that you start with dinner or a round of drinks, so you’ll have time to connect and unwind. During this time, forget about the mechanics of sex: how hard, how long, how good you’re going to be. It’s not a contest and they’re not going to give out medals if you break the bed. Instead, just enjoy each moment — the flirtation, the slow build up of chemistry, even the sheer fun of meeting someone new.

Slowly rebuild confidence in the bedroom

Sometimes all we need to feel more sexually confident is an understanding, patient, and non-judgmental partner. Australian private escorts want to make the experience as pleasurable and comfortable for you as possible, so there’s no harm in admitting that you’re a bit tense or nervous. They’ll do their best to put you at ease with their humor and warm conversation.

Some private escorts also offer very relaxing sensual massages, or have a Tantric approach to sex that helps unblock or release stress centers and pave the way for very intimate, confidence-boosting sex! There are also escorts who are happy to entertain the disabled or elderly, and understand your needs and can allay your concerns. Just check their escort profiles for a more detailed list of what they can offer.