Don’t be a time waster!

If you follow some of the escorts on Twitter, you’ll sometimes hear them talk of a “timewaster.” What does that mean?
Timewasters are punters who pretend that they are booking but aren’t actually serious about it. They flirt, they ogle, they draw the ladies into a conversation just for kicks. Some will ask for “pics to prove that you’re real” or send pics of themselves. (Trust us: the girls don’t need “hard” proof that you like them.)

Gentlemen, please understand that this is not only annoying but disrespectful. Escorts are professionals. They are not there to give you a free, voyeuristic pleasure, and if you wish to flirt with a sexy lady for free — well, that is what dating sites are for. Private escorts are running professionals who run a business. When you lead her on, she could be giving up a schedule for an actual booking. Others are studying, have another job, or simply have a life (just like you do). Respect her time and boundaries they way you would respect anyone else’s.

The escort profiles on Langtrees escort directory already have a short bio, a list of escort services, and pics. From there you can decide if you wish to book a lady. If you have any questions, then, by all means, contact the lady — but there’s a big difference between clarifying something and plain-and-simple flirting.

Rest assured that during your booking your lady will give you her full attention: flirting, caresses, and more! Until then, be direct.

1. Read about what kind of escort services she provides.

2. Contact her using her preferred means of contact (SMS, email, etc.) Make sure your number doesn’t appear as a private number.

3. If you have any questions, ask them now. It’s best to have very clear and fair expectations. Even the best private escorts aren’t minded readers!

4. Finalize the date and time. You can try giving several options or a time frame so that you can work out a schedule that suits both of you.

It’s really very simple! There is no science to it — just respect and decency! And this makes a far better impression than trying to be a “Sex God” and flirting like a drunk frat boy. Ladies love a true gentleman… and with just that, you already have made an excellent start to a truly mindblowing and pleasurable booking.