Exercises that can improve your sexual performance

We know the health benefits of exercise: stronger heart, steady blood sugar levels, lower risk for practically every disease in the book. But there’s an even better reason! Some exercises can improve your sex life. According to exercise physiologist and personal trainer Pete McCall, working out thrice a week can help “sexual technique, flexibility, and endurance.” Try these exercises and reap the benefits in the bedroom.

Lifting weights

Overall, strength training can help your body produce more testosterone. Exercises that target the upper body and the core muscles also help you last longer in bed — these are the muscles used during sex and can give you the energy for Round Two (or three). Think of that while during your crunches and planks!


Kegels basically mean squeezing the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles — basically, the same muscles you use when you try to hold your pee. These can help you delay ejaculation, even if you’re already at the point of orgasm. If you have no idea what a PC muscle is or how to strengthen it, stop and try to hold your pee during your next trip to the john. Got the idea? Now, you can do your Kegels anywhere. Squeeze, hold for ten seconds, relax, squeeze… Well, at least you have something productive to do during your next long train ride.

Brisk walking

A Harvard study found that aerobic activity that burns at least 200 calories per session can help lower your risk for erectile dysfunction (ED). This can mean brisk walking, running, tennis — anything that keeps your blood pumping and improves circulation and blood flow. Plus, exercise can help you release endorphins, which can put relax you and put you in a much better mood for sex than a glass of wine. (FYI: alcohol actually affects your ability to have an erection.)


Another Harvard study found that swimmers in their 60s enjoyed a much better sex life than their peers. Could be the endurance training they got from all the laps.

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