Hardcore: 5 tips for getting the most out of ED drugs

Many men — even those who aren’t suffering from diagnosed erectile dysfunction) — will turn to drugs like Viagra or Sildenafil to last longer in bed. But these pills need to be taken carefully. Doctors and medical sex experts give some of these general guidelines.

Don’t take ED drugs without a prescription

ED drugs have side effects and can interact with your other maintenance medication. That’s why it’s very important to talk to your doctor, who’ll look at your health risks, figure out the best dosage, and if you’ve been having issues (“it does not have hard it used to be, etc.”) look for the root cause while it’s still early.

Take it an hour before

If you’d like the ED drug to be in full effect in time for your booking with an escort, take it an hour before your appointment. Viagra tends to work automatically but for a short period of time; Sildenafil still needs sexual stimulation but last longer.

Take light meals on that day

People have noticed that if they take Viagra before or after a very oily or rich meal, it doesn’t work as well or takes longer to take effect. So it’s better to take it two hours after eating.

Cut down on the alcohol

Alcohol and Viagra don’t have dangerous interactions, but users say that they minimize the drinks anyway. Too much alcohol can actually prevent you from getting an erection or sustaining it, so the efficiency of the drug is less predictable. “I see the best results when I take ED drugs on an empty stomach, with nothing but water for 4 hours right before. I don’t even take soda!” said one user.

Buy from trusted sources

ED drugs are one of the most counterfeited drugs in the world. IF you are going to order online because you prefer privacy and convenience, go to a respected website that will only order from the pharmaceutical company.