How 50 Shades of Grey changed the adult sex toy industry

The writing was horrible, the plot implausible, and true followers of the BDSM lifestyle can’t even talk about it without rolling their eyes. But 50 Shades of Grey did do one good thing: make everyone more comfortable with exploring new ways of pleasure.
The sales of adult sex toys have skyrocketed all over the world. Here are some figures from a global survey.


Sales of whips have gone up by 50%. Whips aren’t designed to inflict pain (more of a light sting and a hot, naughty sound. The really exciting whip-play is built up with body language, roleplaying and suggestive talk, with a flick of a whip is mere reinforcement.


Blindfolds are fun even for those who don’t want to embrace BDSM or even light bondage. When you can’t see, your other senses work overdrive: your nose picks up the subtle natural scent of freshly-bathed skin, your hands luxuriate in the softness of her hair, and you become more aware of changes in her breathing, or the delicate wetness of her tongue.


In the last year alone, handcuff sales have doubled. The idea of being restrained isn’t as odd as you think — we’ve all grabbed someone’s wrist or hips, or pinned her against the bed or wall in the heat of passion. Handcuffs just take that to the next level. It gives one person the opportunity to take charge, and the other the freedom to sit back, do nothing, and just enjoy every sweet sensation (or the anticipation of it). Beads
These are sometimes called geisha beads or ben wa beads, and once inside your partner, create little internal vibrations that intensify the pleasure. These beads to take getting used to, but apparently many people are willing to give them a try: sales have jumped an astounding 400%!