Darwin Escorts – How to book a private escort

You’ve browsed through Langtrees escort guide and found a few stunning ladies who you’d like to meet. If this is your first time to book a private escort, you may wonder what’s next. This can help you arrange an appointment.

1. Read her escort profile

The escort profile contains photos, a message from the lady, and a list of the escort services she provides. It’s important to read through the profile carefully, especially if you’re looking for particular services like Greek, light bondage, fetish, couples, etc.

Please respect the ladies’ preferences. If she specifically says that she does not practice Greek (or anal), then don’t ask for it. There are many ladies who do! If the profile is general and you are not sure whether she offers that service or not, then clarify when you’re arranging the booking. Don’t assume that it’s okay!

2. Contact her

The profiles will give the contact information. Take note of how she prefers to be contacted (SMS, email, etc.) and make sure you’re not reflected as a private number (think about it: would you answer personal questions from somebody you don’t even know?)

When she replies, introduce yourself, how you found her number, and when you’d like to book her. It’s pretty much the same as booking any professional: the dates and times you’re free so she can check her schedule and you can both arrive at a time that’s best for you.

3. Mind your manners!

Please mind your manners! Crude language (or worse, dick pics!) are not needed or wanted. Private escorts are ladies and professionals, and deserve the same respect you’d give anyone else! And while it’s okay to give her a compliment, don’t turn your conversation into sexting — it wastes time, and even if you have good intentions, can come off the wrong way. Save the dirty talk for the bedroom!

4. Confirm your appointment

If you need to move the dates because of an emergency, have the courtesy to let her know well in advance! She may have moved her schedule or turned down other bookings so you could have time together. Private escorts are, in a way, running their own personal business, and your appointments do carry some kind of business cost to her: travel time, transportation costs, opportunities lost with other customers, etc.

5. Payments and other logistics

Arrive exactly on time — not too early, never late. It’s industry practice to pay the lady at the start of the appointment for the full time that you booked. It is your call on how to pace yourself and the time together; if you overextend, then you have additional fees, and if things get heated and end fast — well, as we said, pace yourself, and take it as a sign of your lady’s amazing bedroom skills!

This is just a general idea of what to expect when you book private Darwin Escorts. But don’t worry; the process is very simple and natural, and at the end of the day it all boils down to one word: RESPECT. Respect in your choice of words, respect the lady’s time and services, and basically the respect you’d show anyone else!