In the mood for holiday sex?

Happy Holidays from Langtrees directory? We hope your season is filled with good cheer… and amazing sex! Stand under the mistletoe, and explore all that is naughty and nice. Don’t worry, we won’t tell Santa what you’re up to, and his sexy elves will keep your secret too.

Do people have more sex during the holidays? Statistics do seem to point to that; something about the parties and the cold cuddle weather tends to make people all over the world a little bit randier. And also a little bit more careless. This BBC article shows that people tend to engage in unprotected sex during the holidays, especially around New Years.This may be one reason why more people get to get pregnant during December (judging from the number of babies born in September), and the sudden upsurge in HIV testing and abortions in the first quarter of the year. My Daily Mail also published an article saying that people grab the office party as a chance to…get their co-workers better.

There’s nothing wrong with a little (or a lot!) of holiday nookie, as long as you’re responsible about it. Bring a condom, and consider the ramifications of the morning after — on your personal life and your career. All things considered, it’s less complicated to book a private escort and explore every naughty fantasy on your wish list rather than get busy with your boss behind the photocopier.

We’ll end this horny holiday message with a fun parody by on Holiday Sex Positions. So go ahead: jingle your balls, stuff her stockings, and see how well she slides down your chimney with care. It’s that time of year after all, so go ahead and get sexy… but be smart about it!