Morgan Perth Escort

oldI am the attractive woman that you will temp you into taking a second glance at in passing…… The next door neighbour that you might just wonder about…… The woman in the next car at the traffic lights that gives you that sultry smile when she catches you looking. The one across the restaurant that has the lovely smile.

I like to provide you with accurate information to help in your decision that I am a lady you might like to meet;

Perth Escort

I am forty years old

5’8″ in height

Soft shoulder length brunette hair

Warm friendly hazel green eyes

Soft unblemished skin (one small tattoo that you might not even notice except that I have told you – not telling where though)

Womanly hourglass figure – size 12-14 dress

Natural “E” cup bust

Neatly waxed and trimmed with a landing strip

No cosmetic surgery or enhancements

I am a sensual woman with a mind like mortal sin! I provide a *fully inclusive*, service and I enjoy what I do. I’m told that I am kind and comfortable to be with (despite my many talents – both in and out of the bedroom)

*fully inclusive – I kiss; enjoy mutual oral and masturbation, hand relief, erotic massage and sensual sex.*

I’m imaginative, have good intuition and am quick on the uptake (though I am not a mind reader!) so if you would like to try something new, ask me I will let you know if I am comfortable with your request and it can easily be arranged.

I don’t want to be too specific about my tastes here, but I don’t do anything painful (to me), or unsafe to my health. I’m happy for you to tell me about your request and if I am comfortable with what you ask will be happy to accommodate.

Being a Perth Escort My specialty is the warm girlfriend experience. I’m conversant in many subjects – yet I also know when talk is not required and it is time to give in to the primal instincts. I’m not easily shocked or fazed by erotic ideas/creativity as I’m genuinely open-minded.

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