Our sexy secret

Both gentlemen and private escorts want to keep their romantic rendezvous discreet and private. There’s nothing wrong with that: what you do with your time and money is your business, and there’s no shame or blame in two consenting adults wanting to have a little sensual, erotic fun.

While reputable Australian adult businesses will go out of their way to protect your privacy, you are also responsible for being as discreet as you possibly can whenever you book an escort. These tips can help.

Use a private email or phone whenever you book your escorts

Newsflash: emails sent through work emails are treated as company property, and your IT department can access these even if you’ve deleted them. But that’s not all. There’s always the risk that you accidentally email a co-worker, or that your boss decides to drop by your desk while you’re viewing escort profiles.

It is more discreet to view escort directories and view the ladies’ profiles on your personal devices (such as your mobile phone) and then use your own email to arrange the booking. Also, give your personal phone number — not your office lines — and always tell your private escort the best time and way to get in touch with you (call, SMS, email, etc).

Protect email passwords

Don’t use email passwords that your close relatives or friends could guess (birthdays, names of your first pet, etc). It’s also always safer to pick a combination of letters and numbers.

Needless to say, passwords are useless when your devices are set to remember passwords and automatically open your email accounts. Set a phone and computer password, and remember to log out — especially when you’re using a shared device.

Clear your cache

If you are using a computer that other people can access, always clear your surfing history of your visits to escort services and escort directories. Just go to “Tools” then “Options” then select “General Tab” for “Browsing history.” It is possible to use a proxy service like proxify.com, but only when you’re at home — the people in your company IT department can easily override this.

Don’t leave a paper trail

It’s much safer to correspond with your private escort via phone since you have more control over people’s access (and can delete messages on-the-go). Phone calls are best, but it really depends on how your lady wants to be contacted. Check her escort profile if she prefers you to reach to her via SMS. After your rendezvous, delete messages and clear your phone history of calls.