Perth Escort Gabriella Drake

Welcome & hope you enjoy a glimpse into my world 😉 …

Mmmmm….where to begin…. Fresh, Intriguing, Unique… a few of my finer qualities as a person :)…… on the other side ..well, my pictures should say it all..and yes this is “REALLY” me and “NO” my photos are not 10 years old..heaven forbid!!.. To be completely honest this is my first ever photoshoot (taken 26th October 2013) and this is my first introduction as a Companion & Escort.

You may assume Companion & Escort are the same things, however, the two are slightly different(Some Gentlemen may already be aware) and as I have been informed I possess the qualities to share intimacy on both levels… Now, you may be thinking ..”Shes a bit Confident” and yes, I have good reason to be as through certain events I found myself in the company of “One of Australias High End and Experienced Companion & Escorts”…(who has requested she remain a mystery ). So over a period of time, it became obvious (possibly to her first 🙂 that I possess a unique blend of natural sex appeal & warmth, endearing to most Gentlemen …

So … for Discerning Gentlemen that I may have aroused & intrigued so far …accept my invitation and share some quality moments together…

Gentlemen, my preference is for us to share our moments together at my Private, Secured Apartment – ( my haven as otherwise known) fully equipped with everything you and I could possibly require. Ample parking is available onsite & discreetly further down my street (for those naughty men 😉 with up to 2-hour parking.

Well, as this is my first introduction I hope you have enjoyed all you have seen and read and I look forward to sharing quality time with you in the near future.

Gabriella Drake xx

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