Roleplaying scenarios you can try with your escort

Roleplaying can be very liberating, says sex experts. You can act out your favorite erotic fantasy, or assume a different persona that would ask for escort services your everyday self would be too shy to try. It’s also kinky and hot!

Plan out the scenario with your private escort
First, not all private escorts offer to roleplay, so check their profiles first! Then, when you make a booking and are ironing out the details, explain the fantasy you’d like to try during your time together. Some ladies may have costumes and sex toys that can make the fantasy feel even more authentic — discuss this while you make the booking so there are no surprises!

Pick a sexual fantasy
You may already have a clear idea of the fantasy they’d like to try with their private escort. But if you’re drawing a blank or don’t know where to start, just tap the scenarios in porn movies: a doctor and a patient, a cop and a criminal, a naughty housekeeper/babysitter, a professor and a student… Or why not try some of the following sexy scenarios?

The randy Repair Guy
You’re the plumber/electrician/carpenter/pool boy/gardener. It’s a hot day and you’re all sweaty from the work… and then the “horny housewife” (i.e., your private escort) comes over to offer you a cold drink and a relaxing massage (“You poor, tired thing!”). Let the flirtation and the sexual innuendo ensue, and soon she’s checking out your “power tools”. “Yeah, babe, this is my drill, and I know how to use it.”

The horny Hitch hiker
In real life, it would be pretty dangerous to hook up with a hitchhiker. Bring a stranger on a dark road to your hotel room? Have you not watched any slasher movies? It never ends well.
But there is an excitement to meeting a sexy lady on the road (her car broke down!) who then offers to pay for the ride with a sexual favor. And a little “road head” makes for interesting foreplay, before you shift gears and drive down the highway to heaven.

The Cop and the Criminal

She’s been bad, officer, very very bad. You’ll have to do a body check and take her to the station for some intense interrogation. Oh, she’s still misbehaving — looks like you’ll have to cuff her. And make her reveal her secrets with your sweet, exquisite, sensual torture.

Other “men in uniform” fantasies include the pilot and the stewardess (“want to sit on my cockpit?”) or the prison guard and the inmate, the fireman who rescues a lady and

The naughty Nurse
You’re a doctor. Or a patient. And she’s the sexy nurse who wants to give you a thorough physical checkup. The sexual tension soon reaches a feverish pitch and you’ll have to lie down for mouth to mouth… and mouth to everything.

Breaking taboos
From seducing a sexy nun to kissing cousins or professors with sexy cheerleaders, roleplaying can let you act out fantasies that are unthinkable in real life. It’s a “good” way to “be bad”, a way for a normally upstanding member of society to break the rules without any real moral or legal repercussions.