Shake off a bad work week with really great sex

Having a stressful work week? The best remedy may be…sex! Sex offers numerous mental benefits. So while it’s unhealthy to be thinking about sex all the time, having it may actually be good for your thinking!

Sex can help you stop overthinking

Sometimes our brain feels like it’s running on dial-up speed. We’re slow, sluggish, and making silly mistakes. That’s because it’s running too many programs at the same time. Work experts say that the secret to productivity is to focus on one thing at a time, and if you feel that you can’t stop thinking about something, then completely break away from the desk and do something fun, physical, and completely different from work.

Sex is the perfect stress outlet

One reason why we’re so tired when we wake up in the morning is that the stress hormones accumulate in our bodies and interferes with our ability to achieve deep sleep. Physical activity can help release some of that nervous energy while releasing endorphins (the happy hormones!).

Sex helps you get a bigger perspective

That report is not the end of the world. Your boss’ scathing words during the last meeting won’t destroy your career or reputation. And you are not just your job. Work is…work. Sometimes work sucks and you just have to shake a bad day off. Or shag a bad day off.

So if you’ve had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month… stop thinking about it, at least for an hour or so. Let the lovely private escorts in Langtrees escort directory help you escape all that and enter a world of pleasure. We guarantee that things will look a heck of a lot better in the morning.