There comes a time that we take a different path pt 6

So today is ending the third week of me working behind the desk. I am enjoying the day shift immensely and will potentially stay on day shift. Who knows but whatever shift I am sure that I am going to continue loving what I am doing ^.^

My skills are improving and I’m getting to know who is who around the place pretty well even though I’m not always on shift with some people J

It’s a quiet day again today but not due to the weather more so that there aren’t many people in or available ladies… it’s an interesting day



  • Figured out how to get to and from work on time
  • Day shift may become permanent


  • Could use a few more shifts
  • Still not a fan of twitter and don’t know how effective it is for marketing
  • Quiet day today

There comes a time that we take a different path pt 5

So far this week has been good. Although it has been slow paced in comparison to yesterday it’s been a steady flow of work.

I met two W/L that has returned to work. It’s getting easier now I know who most of the W/L are by name. The clients have mostly been new faces which is good because that means that more are hearing about us J


Highlights :

  • Meeting new W/L (well new to me)
  • Gaining more control over the systems and what I do… Mastering them
  • Relaxed dress code when early week


  • Too many people trying to teach me their individual methods and causing confusion
  • Contemplating buying a chair for work… backless stools are messing with my posture 

There comes a time that we take a different path pt 4

So this is the third week behind the desk now. There’s been a lot of coming and goings with clients and Ladies. System updates, a few new lessons for myself as well as the change of pace and flow depending on the day behind the desk.

I’ve settled in quite well and enjoying the pace of the day shift while I’m on it. In the long run the night shift will be where I end up. An entirely different world in comparison to the day. But I’m looking forward to the change of pace and change in atmosphere.


  • Started this blog
  • Getting things done quicker with no mistakes


  • The crude people when arriving and leaving work
  • Struggling to stay on task (I get distracted easily)