There comes a time that we take a different path pt 6

So today is ending the third week of me working behind the desk. I am enjoying the day shift immensely and will potentially stay on day shift. Who knows but whatever shift I am sure that I am going to continue loving what I am doing ^.^

My skills are improving and I’m getting to know who is who around the place pretty well even though I’m not always on shift with some people J

It’s a quiet day again today but not due to the weather more so that there aren’t many people in or available ladies… it’s an interesting day



  • Figured out how to get to and from work on time
  • Day shift may become permanent


  • Could use a few more shifts
  • Still not a fan of twitter and don’t know how effective it is for marketing
  • Quiet day today

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  1. Looks like you may be interested in reading an informed reply :), so here goes my 0.02$…

    I can feel the anxiety of most receptionists out there on establishments during days that no one seemingly can stand to the quietness of things. As much as I do love to make a visit – but alas – there’s saving up for us to do :), and saving that ‘saving’ up again for that moment to come perhaps what keeps us motivated to be patient :). In other words, don’t worry – at least one of us will be there.

    I am actually (and defenitely) a day person myself when I’m in the mood MORE SO than when I’m at night (belonging to the minority perhaps). This also unfortunately brings a lot of negatives in that too often there’s very few working ladies who frequents at night; who are willing to be on roster during daylight on Weekends.

    Some establishments (Esquire for instance) have been somewhat so inaccurate in their way of Day rosters in that I was being seen even as slightly rude from gently asking whether to trust upon their rosters up on forums, and/or even on their website…or perhaps not at all by relying on chance alone.

    To be honest I do somehow regret in saying this but I think it’s a little unfair given that not everyone is willing (or certainly able) to wait until late at night so that they can have that experience when most of the happening appears to be. I completely understand that’s where most of business starts but I would be certain to say that you still have a market; and an audience – that many of us I believe – are out there who are most keen during daylight who certainly do miss out on these things due to later commitments, hobbies, etc besides from dinner. I will certainly have to miss that electro house mix practise session at 10:00PM 🙂

    Rest assured for everytime I walk out of an establishment without an appointment – I am the first to admit that I give my numerous amount of apologies, feeling ashamed and embarassed to walk away leaving everyone back to their lonely gloom.. I really do and it’s always within my acts of courtesy in doing so in a heartbeat :(.

    Of course, there’s a suggestion that as much as I had been recommended to make a booking instead, but how much of a guarantee is it that us as clients will ‘click’ with the lady without first meeting them in person? When I met and greeted by Trixie and Anastacia I simply had no idea what kind of personality a picture can tell me until I met them face to face. Even though yes I had a marvelous experience with Anastacia in which I do promise that I will be back.

    So in closing words – sorry to hear you’re lonely :*( once again – I certainly hope things will brighten up over easter :)! It’s the long holiday!


    – Langtrees forum nick: Honestman

    PS. I understand that many people don’t like Twitter as it most likely a waste of time. But me working as a graphic designer (6 yrs & counting) I do understand that on a business level – it has a good potential to inject FURTHER “personality” into marketing. Now the effectiveness of this is highly dependent of course on how much ‘activity’ a business have :). Just remember this line in the world of web : “content is king” and “update=motivate” :). Hope this helps.

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