What to look for in a brothel

The best brothels in Australia are luxurious gentleman’s clubs where you meet elegant, beautiful and sexy escorts. These adult establishments are clean, classy, and run by responsible management. Illegal brothels, on the other hand, can’t offer you or the ladies the same kind of safe environment. Here are some reasons to double check if a brothel is registered.

1. Registered brothels follow Australian government health regulations

Safe sex regulations include regular testing for STDs, and guidelines on the best way to clean, handle and store sex toys. The best brothels take it a step further: the rooms are not only clean but well-maintained and comfortable.

2. Reputable brothels take care of the private ladies in their employ

A high-quality brothel is run by management who provides a safe, supportive environment for the escorts. They take pride in having business policies and standards that keep both their ladies and the gentlemen happy.

3. The best escorts want to be part of legal and reputable brothels

Anyone can send out ads, but the real test of a brothel is the feedback of customers and the escorts who were connected to it. You can also gauge a brothel’s reputation from the women on the roster. Like any professional, escorts will want to be part of an established and respected company.

4. You will feel more comfortable in a high-quality brothel

One of the first things you’ll notice in a luxury brothel is that the surroundings set the stage for seduction: lush interiors, romantic lights, carefully selected furniture and fixtures. The more high-end brothels will also have Jacuzzis and special playrooms — all for your pleasure and satisfaction.

You will also be given the service, respect, and attention that any gentleman would expect from a good establishment.

5. Your privacy is protected

Always ask every brothel or Australian adult establishment that you visit about their privacy policies. You will want discreet payment methods, private entrances and parking, and the ability to freely go about your business without any concerns.