Why do so many advertisers think it is justified to use fake photos.

Fake photos and services that are promised that end up unfulfilled are used in advertising profiles that appear in certain advertising sites have been a source of frustration for punters.  This practice has generated long-standing discussions for many years.   Despite the voicing of disapproval from the public in many forums, this has carried on and the sites that condone deceiving profiles have been able to sustain.   In this article, I will reveal some facts that have been exposed by 2 madams that use misleading profiles to give an insight to why this practice is justified from the point of view of the advertisers.  And how this has been able to survive for so long.

Advertising sites that contain many of these types of profiles will not be named.  I believe that many punters who are reading this article will have experienced times when a picture or the services listed in profiles featured do not match the facade and the experience of the service provider.  From studying the long history of discussions in various forums I have seen footage of many threads that point out how most profiles of these types are misleading while a few of them a genuine.  One of the profiles that are mentioned to be real from 4 years ago was a private Perth escort by the name of Singaporean Evonne.

My own experience of this happened often about two years ago.  Using the services of outcall escorts was something I frequented at the time.  Often I would see a photo of a stunning model in her early twenties.   I would call the number on the ad and ask if the photo was real.  The answer was always yes.  Nine out of ten times a driver will turn up with a woman that is much older and looks nothing like the girl in the photo.  When this happened I would turn them away.  Sometimes I would pay a small fee for the transport.  Other times I refused.

Memories and emotions of these experiences stayed with me.  And many conversations were had with various people in the sex industry.  On two separate occasions, I sat down with two madams of Asian brothels and told them about my frustration, and how I sent escorts away if I felt that I have been misled. On both occasions, they showed disapproval of my rejection and spoke of how it was inhumane to do that to women who have traveled so far to make money in such a competitive market.  To this day I still do not agree with them.  But I am not going to judge them and accept that they view themselves as being right from their perspective.

Agreeing to disagree I moved on from the unsolvable morality debate and asked them why this is done and how it can sustain businesses as it is upsetting a lot of people.  I leaned towards the edge of my seat as I listened to their explanation.  They explained that there are a very high number of Asian women that come to Australia to work in the sex industry.  And with such a high headcount not all of them are going to be young and beautiful.  A lot of them find it very hard to make sufficient money.  So suburban brothels and private girls will use the most outrageously attractive pictures to catch the attention of prospect punters.  And that a fact is if 10 men turned up 8 of them would go through with the booking because of the affordable prices, humble expectations, or simply be too shy and be pressured into going ahead with the booking.  And 2 walkouts out of 10 are still profitable.  As long as some advertising sites accept this sort of practice, advertisers can carry on doing this and profit while the advertising site profits from advertisement fees.

Many other more reputable sites like Langtrees.com and others require verification of photos and profiles before they allow an ad to go public.  This ensures that the experience of the viewers is enjoyable and no disgruntles results from misleading experiences.

I am not here to give an opinion on this matter.  Some facts are stated and I will leave it up to you to form your own opinion and make an informed decision as to which source of Perth escort advertising you choose to use.